Panamount Security & Finance will provide you with peace of mind when it comes to securely storing your valuables.
During its research leading up to the opening, we discovered that the bank custodial services were antiquated in their security measures and complacent in their procedures and protocols. A lot of things have changed since the bank vaults were established, unfortunately for some, they have not developed or grown with the times, to the detriment of their clients.
This is a serious business but should not be a complicated one. Panamount Security & Finance continues to focus on physical security, its customer service and the privacy of its clients. We are proud of our facility and maintain our reputation as the leading safe deposit box facility in World.
We encourage you to browse our website outlining our services and should you need any additional information, please either contact the office via the Contact Us page or alternatively speak with one of our competent and friendly team members.
Panamount Security & Finance also provides Secure Envelope Storage, Archive Storage, Off-site back up data storage, catering for both corporate and private clients. Short-term leases are now available
Features of Panamount Security & Finance and Warehouse

• Biometric Hand Scanning
• Digital Facial Recognition
• Individual Security Pin Code
• You receive the two keys to your safe deposit box
We allow others consignments Benefits to Our customers:

1. you and persons you authorize can access your safe deposit box and Track what you deposit. Gold, Jewelry, Data storage and others Consignments storage are allow.
2. On-Site Registered Security Visible presence and constant surveillance • Vibration Sensors
• Motion Sensors
• Infra-Red Sensors
• 24 Hour Video Monitoring

Knowing that the vault is completely surrounded by state-of-the-art security measures 24/7 giving you peace of mind that your valuables are totally protected. Opening Hours
• Open 9am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday
- No appointment required
• Scheduled Saturday Mornings
- No appointment required
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